Residential Waste and Recycleing

Residential Trash and Recycling Collection Service

new-truckWe employ the latest in truck technology such as side load trucks, which can be driven from the passenger side for efficient and safe curbside collection. Trucks are fitted with cart tippers, which pick up the bucket and dump it into the truck. This prevents drivers from having to lift repetitively and therefore prevents painful and costly injuries.

Our residential trash pickup service includes the towns of: Webster, Dudley, Oxford, Sutton, Northbridge, Douglas, Hudson, Uxbridge, and Charlton Massachusetts and the northern part of Thompson, Connecticut. Please call to see if we service your area, as we are constantly expanding. If we are not currently in your area, please call or email us anyway, and we will do our best to accommodate you.

We offer Weekly and Every-Other-Week pickup, which includes a 100 gallon trash receptacle on wheels. We highly recommend weekly pickup for customer convenience. It avoids scheduling confusion, and gives the customer twice the capacity for less than $8 in monthly price difference. Every-Other-Week pickup is adequate for households of one or two persons.

Our highly popular Single Stream Recycling service has become a favorite of our customers, and is NO additional charge. If you decide to recycle then we will provide another 100 gallon cart for your recycling, which is picked up every-other-week. Take a look at the Single Stream recycling page. When you see how much you can recycle, and how easy it is, you will understand why people absolutely love it.

Our customers also appreciate our email alerts, which we send in the event of a schedule change caused by a holiday or inclement weather. (We NEVER send junk mail or share your address with any other entity.) At the holidays, it helps to be reminded as to what day you can expect us. If a route is cancelled due to snow, we will let you know what the make-up day will be. As you can see, we also have an excellent Website with a bounty of information, including by popular demand, On Line Bill pay.

We do NOT charge a fuel surcharge, cart delivery fee, or administration fee. Best of all, rates are guaranteed for a minimum of 12 months!

Signing up is easy. We can take all of your information over the phone or online and service can begin within a few days. Convenient quarterly billing saves time and money. Seniors enjoy a discount of $1.00 per month.

Furniture and appliance removal is a snap. Only our regular customers enjoy the benefit of our Special Pickup service. For a fee of $35.00 plus a nominal disposal fee (depending on the item) you can arrange for a pickup. If you would like to avoid the Special Pickup Fee, you can bring the item to the Webster Transfer Station and pay only the disposal. You do not need to a Webster resident to use the Transfer Station.

If you are less than satisfied with your current service, or tired of fuel surcharges, frequent rate increases, and lousy treatment, this may be a perfect opportunity to try us. As our customer you will enjoy what we believe to be the best service obtainable thanks to more than 80 years of experience. We were driving past your front door long before the other haulers came to town. We are a family owned business based in Webster servicing more than 9,200 households and businesses in the area, and we would certainly like yours to be one of them. Please call (508)987-1187 to learn more.

All customers are encouraged to participate in our recycling program.
Please see About Recycling.

To sign up or get more information, email us at