Single Stream Recycling

Single Stream Recylcing is NOW HERE

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Pratt Trucking is proud to announce our efforts in providing you with the best service in the industry while doing our part to help protect the environment. Single-Stream Recycling is a service that expands our recycling program by accepting more kinds of recyclable materials AND allows us to commingle recyclable materials in our trucks. That’s right!…all recyclable materials are commingled together and delivered to a state-of-the-art facility that sorts it out.

Customers who wish to begin participation are encouraged to call our office and sign up. We will deliver a receptacle just like the one your trash goes into, only it will be for recycling only.

New Recycling Guidelines


Will now be placed loose inside of your receptacle.
This is a departure from our previous instructions to bag or tie up papers. We will be providing receptacles to our serious recycling customers. This prevents papers from blowing away, and keeps the bin from filling up with water on rainy days.


We are now able to accept used corrugated boxes on our residential recycling routes. Boxes need to be broken down and/or cut up. Corrugated pieces must be no larger than 3’ x 3’.


This includes, but is not limited to, paper towel rolls, tissue, cereal, and snack boxes. Canned beverage cartons are now accepted.

Junk Mail, Office Stationery, School Papers, Catalogs,
Phone Books, and Wrapping PaperThese materials are now accepted with recycling. Please put into bin loose, rather than bagged.


We are now able to accept all plastic that is marked #1 thru #7 of any color. Examples are laundry detergent,shampoo, milk, and water containers. You will find the number on the bottom of the container inside a triangular recycling symbol.Plastic that is not number #1 thru #7 should be thrown with your regular trash.


Liquor and wine bottles. Must be rinsed out—caps, labels, and corks need not be removed.

PLEASE, NO ceramics, pottery, window glass, drinking glasses, mirrors, crystal, or light bulbs.


Accepted cans are aluminum, tin, and steel. Labels do not need to be removedPLEASE,

NO paint or aerosol cans or LIQUIDS of any kind.

NON Acceptable Materials

NO Styrofoam
NO Aluminum Foil
NO Food Waste
NO Printer Cartridges (toner or ink jet)
NO Cell Phones
NO Batteries
NO Electronics of any kind

Televisions & Computer Monitors

These items can no longer be disposed of with regular trash. Mass. DEP mandates that the Cathode Ray Tubes inside must be recycled. They may be brought to the Webster Transfer station. Televisions and Monitors have a $15 handling fee plus $1.00 per screen inch. (I.e. a 30 inch TV would be $45.00) DO NOT put these items out curb side.

We strongly encourage our customers who are not currently participating in our recycling program to do so. This is an every-other-week pickup service for no additional charge! Please consider taking advantage of our  Single-Stream Recycling Program, the participation of each household really does add up to make a difference.Call our office at (508) 987-1187 to find out about the recycling schedule for your street and when you may begin. Please visit our website at for more information on this program and the many other convenient services we offer.

We are working towards protecting our environment—won’t you?

Your Friends and Neighbors at Pratt Trucking

In 2016, our customers recycled 1878 tons of material…enough to save 31,830 trees!