Important Information

Important Information for Our Customers

Webster Transfer Station hours of operation: Monday – Friday 7:00 – 2:45pm. Scale closes at 2:30pm and Saturday 8:00am to 12:45pm. scale closes at 12:30pm

Please Bag Your Trash. Although it seems trite, this is very, very important. We INSIST that all trash be bagged, and the bags must be tied closed. This is ESSENTIAL for the safety of the driver. Bagging your trash prevents sharp objects from cutting the driver. It also prevents papers, garbage, kitty litter, etc from blowing into your neighbor’s yard, freezing into your container, and from smelling to high heaven. Bagging is also essential for your privacy. You may not want unbagged personal items or documents being seen by the whole neighborhood on a windy day.

As of April 1st, 2000 Televisions and Computer Monitors (which contain Cathode Ray Tubes or CRTs) are banned by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection. This means that they can no longer be handled by the regular route truck. Please call the office for disposal information.

Single Stream Recycling service is always available for any residential customer at NO additional cost. We also provide you with a second cart just like your trash cart, for your recycling. Glass, cans, plastic milk jugs, and newspaper are picked up every-other-week on the same day as your regular trash. We highly recommend this program so if you would like to recycle, please call the office.

Extra Trash: If there are occasionally more than two bags of trash extra, there will be a $2.00 per bag charge for anything over the 2 extra bags. It is a good idea to call the office ahead of time if you have more than 10 bags. If you regularly have two or three or more bags extra, then you need more frequent pickup or an additional cart. This is far cheaper than being charged for extra at pickup.

It goes without saying that by putting out more than the 2 courtesy bags that you will accept the charges for the extra.

Christmas tree disposal. Unfortunately, landfill bans prevents us from picking up any yard waste including Christmas trees. Your local DPW should be able to direct you accordingly.

Be sure your trash is at the curb no later thanĀ 6:30 AM . Re-Routing, Holidays, inclement weather can all effect the time the truck comes. Always have it out early.

Watch the bottom of your bills for important holiday scheduling information, notices, and due dates.

Quarterly bills are due by the 25th of the first month of any quarter, the due date is printed at the bottom of the statement. A partial payment covering at least one month’s worth of service is sufficient. A late fee of $25.00 is assessed if payment is not made by the due date. Service is interrupted if payment is not made by the 15th of the second month of any quarter, and a $25 Service Interruption Fee is assessed.

Monthly bills are due on receipt as stated on the bill.

If service is interrupted for late payment, the only forms of payment that will be accepted are Cash, Credit Card, or Money Order. NO CHECKS.

Returned check fee is $25.00.

Pratt Trucking reserves the right to interrupt or cancel service at any time.

Yard Waste such as grass, leaves, brush, and hedge trimmings cannot be accepted by the route trucks. These items can be composted at your town’s compost pile or in your yard.

Paint, stain, oil, driveway sealer, tires or any hazardous materials are NOT ALLOWED in dumpsters or residential containers. Please call the office for disposal instructions. $75.00 fee for banned items.

Pratt Trucking is not responsible for damage to property.

Every-other-week customers who put their trash out on their off week will be picked up and charged accordingly. We assume that if the trash is out, then the customer wants it picked up, and will accept the charges (if any). Those customers who do not want to be charged should put trash out only on their schedules.
Your cooperation will ensure that you continue to receive the best service in the industry. Thank You.